Golden Tycoon

From Gestalt

The Orange Tycoon, also called the Yellow Tycoon, the Golden Tycoon or the Mask of Hel, is the leader of Hel's Legions, Emperor of the Golden Rule, and Halcyonic Numen of King Hel the Inviolate according to Helenic Doctrine, the official religion of the Dayside of Halcyon, or the Middle Kingdom as it is called by Hellions. Because the Tycoon is always masked, his true identities throughout the ages are unknown, as is the veracity of his stature as a numen, and whether there has been one continuous Tycoon or a series of elevated Yellow Priests, transformed. According to witnesses, all of whom by definition are members of the Illuminated, the Tycoon has exhibited unearthly abilities such as chorokinesis, Pyromancy, and Neuromancy. A golden pollen hangs throughout the air of the Throne Room and surrounding passages. It is said that to be in his presence is to be converted to Helena.[1]