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Foreshadows are the tragic or heroic endings for the direction in which you play your Character. They are phantasmtypal and decided by your behavior, not your whims. The Director chooses and informs you of your Foreshadow and when it changes. Once on a path, you have certain advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if your Foreshadow is to be killed by Your Rival, you have acquired a kind of Plot Armor that means no one else can succeed at ending your life entirely. If it's something like Live Long Enough to Become the Villain, then you will be veritably immortal no matter how unlikely until you fulfill the circumstance of your Foreshadow, at which point you become extremely vulnerable. Foreshadows, once acquired, can be changed, but one who obtains a foreshadow cannot return to being meaningless to the narrative. The story will find a way to bring about your ultimate meaning as a character. You are marked for death, all you may do is somehow alter the flavor of that end. Some examples are:

Live Long Enough to Become the Villain

Your friends will one day have to kill you to stop your dark machinations

Killed by Your Rival

You and your primary antagonist will die with your hands around each other's throats

The Sacrificial Lamb

The Lamb dies to save the world. You are protected from death until circumstances that will end creation occur, at which point you will have no choice but to sacrifice yourself.

The Spark

Your death will be the motivator for the union and victory of the group.

The Stakeraiser

A tragic, meaningless, and sudden death that does nothing except signal the end of all Plot Armor for the rest of the Squad

Just Desserts

Your death will come from your own ill-considered misdeeds, with no one to blame but yourself

What Have I Done

After crossing the last of your own lines, you will take your own life in horror.

I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

A more powerful character will kill you for failure or merely to demonstrate their power