Crafting an Alternate Reality

From Gestalt
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As Director of a Punklore game, your duties and storytelling tools do not end at a single game night, and are not restricted to traditional "sessions." While the fantasy elements of the Punklore story exist primarily within the confines of the Viewing Parties, between those sessions, the Alternate Reality elements take place. While your Players are separate, at home, at work, with their spouses, you can and indeed have the duty to interrupt their mundane, nonfictional lives with fictional elements having to do with The Realm as a film with a cursed shoot, whose every prop and costume item, piece of equipment, and other random items that any cast or crew member interacted with are all extensions of the curse. These items can be crafted by hand, purchased through craft sites like Etsy, through auction sites for other fantasy films, or through our online store where memorabilia of the actual film are traded and sold.