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Witch or Witchblood is an umbrella term for any of an assortment of the practitioners or expert users of gnosis, who utilize their expertise to accomplish feats, cast Hexes, and overcome obstacles. These include Choromancers, Callers, Shapeslippers, Starseers, Dreamenders, Alchemists, Geomancers, Necromancers, Seamstresses, Chimaesters, Mapmakers, and Augurs.


As with all scenes, every permutation of phantasm is represented. The difference with witchblood is that they are more aware of their phantasms and often knowingly declare allegiance to a particular abstract angle on the compass of morality. While even so-called Black Cloaks, who knowingly, willingly, and proudly ally themselves with the sewing of strife through use of Hexcraft or Mystique, will still be the hero of their own narratives, there are still some who have no rationale other than fulfilling the roles of a particular mapmaker's prophecy or balancing a perceived imbalance toward goodness.


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