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A mystique is an agnostic talent resembling a gnostic craft that springs forth from a font within the mystic. What makes a mystique unique is mystical talents cannot be learned, bought, or even cryptically applied. They are received traits that manifest in the mystic through a persistent lucid state lacking in all belief, revealing the Dreamscape allowing them to know things without conscious experience and abilities that literalize metaphors for inner truths. Like a craft, mystiques gain control through patient practice.

Personality mystiques

Mystiques of a nearly infinite type are available to those adepts who seek the inner font that delivers them when the mind is still; however, no matter how careful or attentive the mystic, the precise flavor of a mystique depends not on any conscious will on the part of the mystic, but on their subconscious desires, personality traits, and a bit of karmic justice. A mystic attempting to channel a seemingly inexhaustible rage may wind up with the ability to spew fire from his mouth. This mystique would then only manifest by drawing up the source of the mystic's rage, and once used, they would find themselves the calm center of the storm they caused, their rage exhausted in the flames. This is a simplification, of course; rage need not be something so obvious as a fire. Z'ha'rishtur is said to have manifested a cold flame the color of phosphorous with a touch of his hand, and it is said that it was never quelled.


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