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"One ought not to go to cadavers to study life."[1]

Roll your Muscle Memory using the D12
Muscle memories are trained pursuits your character chose to develop. muscle memories add a D12 to the threshold that requires that experience or training. Rolling any number below your circuit in that muscle memory equals a successfully accomplished task.

Here is where more traditional character creation takes place, but only after having discovered your Features. Once you know what your naturally occurring facets are, you can choose (ah, finally!) how your character uses or abuses those Aspects to their gain. While you yourself do not bring knowledge of these things to the game, your body will have muscle memory that makes actions in certain Muscle Memories easier. Muscle Memories are the extent of a hobbyist's interest in an activity. In order to exceed circuit-6, one must transform the memory into a gig, but you don't have to wait for 6; you may begin gig training at circuit-5.


Quirks do not effect the outcome of stressful situations, but are nonetheless muscle memories. Quirks are small behavioral ticks like being a neat freak or constantly chewing on a toothpick. Quirks are tiny symptoms of underlying trauma or unresolved childhood coping mechanisms, and clues to your phantasm or chararacter that you pick up upon entering them.


Prowess is not how strong you are by birth but rather how much experience in athletic pursuits you have, and how much stronger you are due to strength practices. Having the physical capability to climb is not the same as knowing how to climb. A person naturally strong enough and agile enough to climb a mountain may still waste valuable time not knowing a good foothold when they see one, or fall due to ignorant mistakes. If you are an athlete on Earth, depending on years experience, you may upgrade your character to circuit-5 and transform your prowess into an athletic gig immediately.

1 Spectator
2 Fan
3 Recreational
4 Amateur
5 Training
6 Farm Team


Scrapping stats represent how much experience or training you have in styles of hand-to-hand combat and light melee weaponry such as brass knuckles or daggers, and light, short swords like wakizashi. Martial arts training, depending on level and years of study, can start a Player at Circuit 3 or lower without a roll.

1 Pacifist
2 Lover, Not a Fighter
3 Bully
4 Drunk Brawler
5 Handy
6 White Belt


Arms measures your experience or training in combat arts with heavy, medium-to-long range implements or weapons such as staffs, bows and arrows, spears, broad swords, pistols, rifles, or cannons. Military training of Players can land them on Circuit 3 or below to start.

1 Knows which part is the handle
2 Seen Action Movies
3 Been to a Range
4 Recreational User
5 Hunter
6 Boot Camp

Creative Arts

How well you express yourself artistically through various artistic mediums. Artistic Players start at the Circuit the Director agrees to place them--if they've had artistic work exhibited in public, they may begin at Circuit 3. If they make their living exclusively from artistic expression, Circuit 4. Actual artistic feats may be substituted for Dreamer hexes.

1 Chickenscratch
2 Novice
3 Fan
4 Critic
5 Teacher
6 Curator


The ability to survive alone in hostile terrain through knowledge of one's surroundings and the behavior of potential predators and prey. If a Player has actual survival experience in a true wilderness, they may start at Circuit 3. Bear Grylls and professional survival artists may start at 4.

1 Bait
2 Autocannibal
3 Prey
4 Cannibal
5 Survivor
6 Ranger


Sneak Circuits represent how quiet you can make your movements and well you can hide in or slink through shadows without being detected. Someone with high stealth can not only creep along a rooftop and hide in shadows, but also hide in plain sight by becoming the equivalent of scenery to those who notice them, and if interacted with, so boring and ordinary as to not merit a memory.

1 Sore Thumb
2 Pedestrian
3 Creep
4 Scalper
5 Pickpocket
6 Thief in Training


Investigation is, in a way, the inverse of Stealth: automatic perceptions of anything amiss in your surroundings and the uncanny ability to reverse engineer behavior and psychological motivation in subtle changes to subtle details. Inspectors for Hel are Inquisitors or Imperators, handling the religious or political spheres respectively, sometimes put together begrudgingly when the purview is indeterminate. High Investigation and Survival stats also make great Witchhunters.
1 Mrs. Hudson
2 LeStrade
3 Watson
4 Mycroft
5 Irene Adler
6 Sherlock


Language, decoding, and protocol come naturally to those with linguistic ability, which improves social impressions and the ability to hide or pick up on complicated cultural rule sets, as those are a form of communication. If Survival helps one in lawless regions with little infrastructure, Linguistics is Survival for social, highly regulated regions with large amounts of bureaucracy. A combined use of Stealth and Linguistics is required to do work such as Posing, but helps with almost anything.

1 Fenster
2 McManus
3 Keaton
4 Hockney
5 Verbal
6 Keyser Söze


The healing arts, the purely scientific, the gnostic methods, and their combination. How well-versed you are in the biologies and applications of remedies for not just your kind but other species as well. Medical training decides how deadly of a doctor you may be in Hearth, with a maximum of Circuit 4.
1 Walking Corpse
2 Can Spell 911
3 CPR Dummy
4 First Aid Kit
5 CPR Instructor
6 First Year Resident


Engineering is your knack with or experience dealing with machinery, and depending on Circuit, these machines will or will not kill you or the entire human race. Actual Engineers may start at Circuit 4 or below depending on level of expertise.

1 Client
2 Home Ec Class
3 Shop Class
4 Engineering Student
5 Shop Teacher
6 Mechanic

Transformation to Calling

Muscle Memories in circuit-7 or higher may be transformed into a gig of their choosing. Callings allow you to learn specialties related to their muscle memories and further develop them into a vocation or job that enables them to make a living on the streets of the Empire of Hel, accomplish hypernatural tasks, or defend against such attacks.


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