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Gigs are trained life paths, gnostic vocations, or advanced skillsets on Halcyon. Muscle memories enhanced with training or experience can be turned into gigs. While some gigs are complementary, like witchblood and dreamer, others are antithetical, like witchblood and wardancer. Provided the gigs do not contradict one another, a being may play two gigs at once, at the natural cost of slower progression through the circuits of each, and possible conflicts of interest out in the world. A gig may always be changed or added late.

Contradictory gigs

Some gig categories are spiritual opposites of one another, and so cannot be done concurrently. Some examples are:

  • Witchblood, priests, and dreamers rely on belief. They cannot be mystics, who rely on the lack thereof.
  • Witchblood, mystics, and knowers rely on natural gnosis, which is nullified through murder. They cannot be wardancers, who rely on killing.
  • Priests, ambassadors, and vassals rely on worship. They cannot be witchblood, mystics, or knowers, who cannot worship.

Fetishwork skirts many of the rules. A fetch witch relies on applied belief, but only temporarily in order to charge fetishes; afterwords, they are free to use any mystiques. Fetchers can fashion fetishes that kill, provided they do not use them themselves. Killing with a fetish discharges the fetish but does not affect the fetcher. However, a fetcher who is a wardancer cannot simultaneously be a fetch witch and must rely on a supplier or on acquiring fetishes from their victims. All other options involve fealty to a deity in one manner or another.

Flesh Ambassadors achieve gnostic effects by eating their kills and absorbing talents and mystiques for a period of two to three days, give or take, depending on the ambassador's rate of digestion. Skins practice their own simplistic version of ambassadorial gnosis through eating and wearing their enemies' flesh. Both methods limit the gnosis available to gathering of knowledge, spirit powers (such as flight from eating an eagle), or temporary mystique transference. For an ambassador it is limited by digestion and the preservation and rationing of flesh. For a skin, due to their gnostic fashioning of leathers and scalp-caps, to the life of the clothing as well. Some ambassadors are known to wear leather garments for show, but the tanning and curing processes involved render any gnostic transferrals inert.


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