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"Intellect and romance triumph over brute force and cynicism! Right, Doctor?"[1]

Roll Features using a D6.

Physical features affect raw strength, agility, endurance, attractiveness, social status, natural grace, and mystical ability. They are in-born, naturally occurring genetic traits of the Character Body you awaken within. Rather than chosen, Features are discovered using rolls on a D6 and a D4 prior to the first session, filled out on a Call sheet. Physical features are challenged by the Physical Threshold (D6). Any advantageous feature can be brought to bear when the Physical Die is in the Threshold Pool, regardless of which feature was initially challenged, if defended appropriately.

Flexible features

Flexible Features can be honed.


Your body's stock is a measurement of their endurance, strength, and raw physical power. Think of stock like cellular density: it affects the amount of physical Stress you can take before dying, ability to lift heavy objects, how hard it is to move you, and how much hitting you hurts an attacker. Melee-style wardancers and brutes will have high stock. On your call sheet, stock counts is the total the physical stress circuits (hit points), or the amount of strikes you can take before entering Crucible. Stock regenerates with rest or healing. It can be increased through honing, but only once a character's full circuit is restored if injured.
A Skin. He's probably just spotted a pretty flower.
•• Stick
••• Branch
•••• Log
••••• Trunk


Grace is a measurement of a Character's agility, dexterity, nimbleness, and ability to make things look easy. Dreamers, stealth wardancers, and choromancers will be helped greatly by every circuit of grace. A stocky character can nonetheless be quite graceful, like certain football players, wrestlers, or luchadores, turning physically powerful moves into a dance. For a Poser or other stealth characters, grace is a must.

Teenage Ostritch
•• Hermit Crab
••• Stubborn Mule
•••• Sidewinder Snake
••••• Crouching Tiger


Mystiques are inborn gnostic abilities. Because they are inborn, they are features. Mystiques are flexible, and thus can be honed. However, though the abilities mystiques grant bear superficial similarity to gnostic crafts, they are inborn, are fueled not through knowledge but through faith in oneself and the jettisoning of exterior belief, and thus are not reliant on knowledge but on feeling and are limited like other physical facets, to circuit-5. Above that and a mystique may be converted into a craft, skipping to circuit-6, provided it is related to your mystique in any defensible way.

•• Plays by ear
••• Duck in water
•••• Natural
••••• Avatar

Inflexible features

Inflexible features are static, only alterable through surgery, Chimaestry, or Shapeslipping.


Reach is the length of a Character's arms and physical height, which can have an effect on melee combat, dance, choromancy, and social interactions. Reach can be very useful to wardancers and in choromancy, but grace is a must to counteract the awkwardness of longer limbs. There are essentially two types of height on Halcyon, humanoid or elfin. If human (rounded ears, not Aurean), a 6 in Reach means you are the same height as an elf (pointed ears or Aurean) with a 1 in Reach, i.e five feet tall. The tallest elf, meanwhile, is around nine feet tall naturally, though elves of this stature are uncommon and most reside in the 5'5" to 6'5" range.

•• Drew Brees
••• Muhammad Ali
•••• Michael Jordan
••••• Andre the Giant


Looks are a Character's objective physical attractiveness, which enhances all social interactions. While attractiveness is subjective, objective beauty is higher in some beings than others. Characteristics like near-symmetry (but not actual, which is uncanny), health of hair and skin, athletic musculature, and pheromonal scent make you more pleasing to look at regardless of other beings' personal preferences. Sometimes, Looks can defy even sexual attraction--a being may not be sexually attracted to your sex, gender, or species even, and yet find you beautiful, like fine art. Still, it is not a precise quality--you may be beautiful to 95% of the planet, but that other 5% finds you plain or disgusting. The objectivity of the stat simply means that the likelihood that a stranger finds you attractive increases--but it's still a dice roll whether it'll be true. Looks can get any character out of jams by modifying perception. To many wardancers who like to smash first and ask questions never, they will come of no use. They have the money for women and ale. To everyone else, taking off a blood-soaked helmet to reveal universal beauty can turn an unknown villain to a masked hero in most eyes.

•• Imp
••• Pixie
•••• Fairie
••••• Narcissus

"Private" features (no pun intended)

Imperatrix Amon Ur sacrificed her female status and is referred to as a male by those who fear or respect him.
Private rolls are inflexible features revealed in secret to you. Only you and the Director know the true answer to what happened behind the screen on these rolls. Other Players may ask, but you are under no responsibility to divulge or to tell the truth. They affect your internal motivations and performance, not abilities or rolls.


The Bits facet is what biological sex organs your Character was born with. Gender is not rolled for and is the purview of the player, but birth sex is not a choice. Roll a D6 to find out what you were born with, and if necessary, a D4 to clarify, and then decide how you're going to present. Depending on where you find yourself and under whose rule, there are advantages, disadvantages, and dangers to presenting outside of your biological sex and being discovered. On Halcyon there are also a myriad of ways to alter your presentation (chimaestry, shapeslipping), but one cannot rewrite the incidents of one's birth.

  1. Male
  2. Male
  3. Female
  4. Female
  5. Intersex (roll a D4 for substat -- 1: both genitalia; 2: hormonally male, physically female; 3: hormonally female, physically male; 4: no genitalia/genitalia internal)
  6. Queer (whatever you were born with on Earth, you were born the opposite on Halcyon; if Earth intersex, invert, i.e. internal genitalia becomes both genitalia, or switch your hormonal to physical relationship)


Kink is a biological component we do not get to choose. Think of it as the inverse of Looks--this reveals to whom you are attracted. Roll a D6 in secret to see what sex your body will be primarily attracted to, then a D4 to see a more specific category. Remember that "deviant" sexuality is usually severely punished in societies, and what is considered deviant is geographically dependent.

  1. "Straight" (1: Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual; 2: Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual; 3: Exclusively Heterosexual; 4: Bisexual, only Heterosexual experiences)
  2. "Gay" (1: Predominantly homosexual, more than incidentally heterosexual; 2: Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual; 3: Exclusively homosexual; 4: Bisexual, only Homosexual experiences)
  3. "Bi" (Equally attracted to male and female and experienced in both)
  4. "Ace" (1: no sexual feelings, 2:repulsed by sexuality, 3:physically responsive but psychologically repulsed, straight 4:physically responsive but psychologically repulsed, gay, 4: physically responsive but psychologically repulsed, bi)
  5. "Pan" (attracted to all sexes and genders including Intersex)
  6. "Demi" (sexuality activated only by emotional connection) (1: Straight, 2: Gay, 3: Bisexual, 4: Asexual, then a third time as indicated above)

By definition, all Characters are in a questioning/queer phase after awakening in Halcyon, and if a Player has rolled a sexuality different from their Earth-body, they should play as if discovering it for the first time. Imagine walking into a pub. At one table, a beautiful female you would normally find attractive. You barely notice her existence, because across from her is a male who is lighting up your entire nervous system. If before you were exclusively straight (something highly unlikely, by the way), you may not even understand why you can't take your eyes off him. He gets uncomfortable; he can feel you staring. He also happens to be Aurean, so he's already angry about the nature of your stare. What do you do?


  1. Craig Ferguson, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, unaired Doctor Who primer song


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