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The Dreamscape, known also as Isistra's Meadow or even the Astral Meadow, is the way station of the dead and of the astral projected psyche or phantasm, the place where archons act out and create every dream, and the liminal space from which all gnosis and agnosis spring. Where gnosis is understanding the rules of the dream in which you reside, thus knowing how to exploit the letter of a Physical Law, to enter the agnostic trance is to enter the Dreamscape while awake, and bring back with you a dream, manifesting the Spirit of the Laws that govern oneself.

The Dreamscape is the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the psyche in its astral form on its way to being born, during all dreaming, and after death, and is generally believed to be populated by archons, lemures, and other in-between beings. It is understood by all witchblood who work with dreams that all consciousness in fact resides in the Meadow. It is used in any Dreamhex and most communications with dangerous, powerful beings like dragons. It is also the only way to communicate with beings that live or use the Dreamscape to travel, like Arcana, the Night Mare, or the Creatures that Live in the Dreamscape.

On a physical level, the Dreamscape is both larger and smaller than the Forces of Time and Space, and therefore both contains all possible realities and is contained by the things within them. When we sleep, we become both larger than the reality that contains us, and enter the Pulvil within all matter. In this way, the Dreamscape is synonymous for many traditions with the Depths.

Among Dreamenders, the Dreamscape is considered the true reality prior to filtration by the phantasm, then the psyche, then the superpsyche, and then whatever cultural filters atop those. The Everywhen, as they refer to it, is the dwelling of the dragons and the infinite intersection of Force and Depth, where everything exists eternally and at once. From this primordial soup of imagination, any and all ideas that ever have or will exist can manifest, and our linear perception is a side effect of our place at the center of all infinities, where reality filters into an unending variety of simulations of itself. The key to wholeness in life is to reduce the number of concentric simulations in which one lives.


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