Dreamenders Labyrinth (book)

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The Dreamenders Labyrinth was the title of the original manuscript by Jane Orenda upon which the first draft of The Realm's screenplay was based. Orenda intended it as a punk rock, adult-themed subversion of the traditional portal fiction genre, which is why she set it in the UK and the fantastical UK analog of Halcyon. Though the film went into production in 1984, the manuscript had been written in 1981 and has stylistic overlap with films such as Jubilee, Smithereens, Repo Man, and Blade Runner.

Never Published

The manuscript was accepted by Phantasmr-Kingston Publishing House, who at the time had a first-look deal with Chariot Ln Studios. Chariot, looking for a fantasy or science fiction film to make to ride the genre wave of Star Wars, optioned the manuscript, and went into production as the book was being edited and rewritten by Orenda. Renamed The Realm, the film's cursed production and infamous accident led to a scramble to shelve, cancel, or destroy any and all related projects and materials. This, unfortunately, included Dreamenders Labyrinth, despite being described often by the few who read it as visionary and life-changing, if rough around the edges. It would never see the inside of a bookstore or library.

Lost to Time

Although many people have seen footage or read descriptions of footage of The Realm, no one has seen the third reel of the film or a fully assembled copy, and countless on-set rewrites prohibit a definitive answer about what would have ended up in a completed film. Orenda, meanwhile, was so traumatized by the experience of watching her most personal work bastardized, inspire a cult around the rewrite, and end in the deaths of two innocents and Vincent Lee, whom she had met during pre-production and befriended, that she never spoke a word about the film or her manuscript ever again. Orenda disappeared on January 12, 1997.

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