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Breeds are subspecies of elf on the planet Halcyon separated by various superficial features, some--typically Underworld breeds--synonymous with a particular scene. While Hellions divide the elfin breeds along superficial genetic marker lines called "species", this is a misnomer as skin color, ear shape, height and hair color do not delineate species, simply genetic selection among specific communities, and then not even reliably. Recessive traits can arise from common backgrounds and have little to no bearing on the presence of other traits, and all bipedal hominids on Halcyon are descended from the same elfin ancestors residing somewhere in the Underworld a hundred thousand years ago, far too short of a time period to allow for actual evolutionary differences. Prior to that it is believed the elfin species evolved from an intermixing of an aquatic protoelf cousin of the Undine, and a parallel species related to the centaurs.

Roll a D8 to decide your breed.

1 Aurean Roll D4 to decide your Caste and a D8 to decide your Species
2 Ebb You are a nation unto yourself unless other ebblin are present, and then you form an Economy
3 Broon Pick one of your fellow players' characters to aid. Roll a D4 to discover if you are a Free Broon, Familiar, Family Shame, or Pyx
4 Human Invent a small shade of your own or pick a previously established one
5 Kunkaari You are automatically a Hellion of the Sphinx caste. (Non-Hellion kunkaar will be part of the Underworld Expansion)
6 Skin You are part of a street gang of other skins formed around a particular dye used in your leathers. Pick a color?
7 Urmen Roll a D8 to discover your tribe in the Confederacy
8 Highbreed Roll 2D8 to find out which scenes you hybridize, cap it at 2 or roll another 2D8 every time you roll an 8

Effect on play

In play, breed challenges add the Identity Die, the D8, to the threshold pool for an action. Breeds are inflexible, but can be balanced or overcome with enough Awe. One may wish to avoid situations where your scene facets will come into play, unless you have accrued enough enough awe to compensate.


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