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Arcana is the Language Archaic, a symbol system utilizing Phantasms representing every kind of being and thing. It is the structural meeting place between math and language. The symbols of the language are Phantasms, characters that collectively represent the interrelations of all of reality. Witchblood consider properly constructed, internally consistent Archaic Sentences or Narratives "proofs" by which extracted meanings can be applied to the world. Arcana can also be manipulated or invoked and spells, narratives, or stories (cryptics, hexes, metahexes) constructed to manifest will into reality using loopholes.

Manipulating Arcana at a larger scale is also possible. If the definitions of the Arcana are changed, then the definitions of the Archons and even the definitions of the world may go with it. This reality-altering has predictably disastrous results on a long enough timeline, as a rule of the universe becomes indefinite or inconsistent, and something like a case of low-lucidity psychosis will take hold in that aspect of reality, and because all are connected, eventually spread to the others.

The only cure is to re-adhere, one-by-one, each symbol to its original meaning, until consonance returns.

the Archons

In the Dreamscape, the Phantasms of the Arcana manifest literally, as a series of gnostic characters called Archons. The Archons, like actors in a cursed play, perform and re-perform passion plays in the collective unconscious, informing reality and the subconscious minds of those inhabiting it. While one usually has a dominant Archon, say, the Witch, a Witch will nonetheless be composed of the rest of the Arcane to varying degrees, because everyone in a dream is an aspect of the dreamer, and thus contains all other aspects in a never-ending fractal. Manipulation of the Archons within a person, much like manipulating Arcana definitions in the outer worlds, can manipulate the person themselves. This is usually accomplished through a dreamhex, for the Archons inhabit the Dreamscape in omniposition. On Arcana Cards, they can be summoned forth from the Dreamscape to do the bidding of a witchblood. Among dragon-worshipping sects, dragons are considered the "Archons of Reality."

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