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A call sheet is the piece of paper where the physical details of the character a Player is inhabiting are listed, and where evolving details like gig circuits are recorded. It is also where vital phantasmtypal information about the Player is recorded so as to respond correctly to prompts on blight cards.

It is important to remember that in Punklore, the Player and the Character are two different, if not distinct, beings. A top sheet contains information about the Character you're inhabiting, his past and place in The Realm as you learn it. The Call Sheet proper

Top Sheet

As they are discovered using rolls on the appropriate dice, your Character's Features, muscle memory, past, and dead name are recorded by either you or the Director on your top sheet, or top pages of your Call Sheets. In What We Pretend to Be or Tabula Rasa modes, once you have entered The Realm, the Director passes out your top sheets so that you can discover your bodies all at once. In The Method, you will never see your top sheet and all information from it will be conveyed through literary description.

Dead Name

The Character's original, Halcyon name, before you rewrote their nervous system.


Your Character's former position on the Moral Compass, and the motivation and character that will reassert if Bleedthrough occurs.

Physical description

Head Shot

A drawing, rendering, or found image best matching your Character's appearance. In most modes, this will be provided or found by the Director. It can be very useful if you see your reflection, for instance, to see a picture rather than hear a description of what you see.

Former Gigs

Back Story

Brief summary your Character's history before you arrived.


The cultural and ethnic background of your body.


Brief phrases that describe fantasy film-reality cliches that your Character, and thus you, can exploit.

Player details

Prior to game start, Players will fill out a standard list of details on their Call Sheets, like their names and occupations, and general temperament. In addition, every Player has to answer personal questions detailing phantasmtypal characteristics about themselves as if they were a character. No one will see these answers but you.

First Name

You know, the one your mother gave you.

Craft Name (once high enough in Awe)

A new name based on your exploits / the name under which you perform gnosis.


The physical description of your Character body's traits in circuit numbers.

Stock Circuit

Stock measures your strength, but also how much physical stress your body can endure before you lose coherence and your Character dies. Upon physical death, your psyche will jump into the body of another Character somewhere in the vastness of The Realm, or get stuck in the Dreamscape until the end of the current session.

Muscle Memory Circuits

Your body's trained capabilities without any disciplines to hone or enhance them. Like real muscle memories, these are ways you are subconsciously better at certain things, but cannot help you in meaningful ways without being applied to a gig.

Lucidity Circuit

Lucidity measures how much psychological stress you can endure before Bleedthrough occurs and your Phantasm reclaims your body.


Permanent or major alterations to your body or mind due to traumas are recorded here.

Waking Remnants

Any bonuses from nonfictional training the Player has are recorded here.


This is how you see yourself in relation to the squad you have with you. No one else needs to know your answers to these questions; they are how the game will manipulate your play style when you encounter certain challenges.

  • What bond outside of game would you miss most if you never get back home? "Nothing" is an acceptable answer.
  • What do you think is your tragic flaw (clue: it is usually the direct downside of your greatest strength)?
  • What flaw would you change if you could? This does not have to be the same as your tragic flaw.
  • In the group, which Player is your closest ally in real life?
  • Of the group, which Player is closest to being your enemy?
  • Which Player is most a stranger to you?
  • Of the group, who do you think is the most likely to be the hero?
  • The lovable rogue who helps at the last minute?
  • Who is the leader?
  • Who is the follower?
  • Who is most likely to question the leader?
  • Who is trying to disappear?
  • Who is trying to be noticed?
  • Which player do you trust most?
  • Who do you distrust most?
  • What is your biggest secret?
  • The comic relief?
  • The one with the mission?
  • The Chosen One?
  • Who is the most likely to betray you all?
  • Did you include the Director in your approximations? If not, recheck your answers.

Gig Circuits

Your approximate aptitude in any disiplines, including Gnostic abilities and martial arts.


Hexes you know, have learned, or have access to due to grims or fetishes.


The attributes of what you are wearing.

Equipment & Fetishes

The items you are carrying.