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Awe is a passive aspect that affects how Characters of lower circuits see you and treat you: an interaction of social influences, merit, and fetishization.

Awe is advantageous, to a point. After that point, it erodes a Player's agency and increasingly endangers the Party.

1 Invisible No one sees you even if you wave your arms; if you get their attention, they forget the encounter soon thereafter.
2 Anonymous No one notices your comings or goings unless you do something to get their attention.
3 Noticeable People notice your existence and remember if you do something to get attention. You can't get away with things without a bit of stealth.
4 Known Your name is known in far places and has a reputation for good or ill.
5 Reknowned If you tell someone who you are, the power dynamic shifts in your favor.
6 Fetish People you haven't met recognize you by name. You are feared and respected, but have been fetishized and have to a degree ceased to be free. Wear a disguise to move about in public. Only pre-fetish relationships are real; everyone else sees you as a mystical object to be used, followed, or in extreme cases, worshipped. Those who worship you, in moments of corrupted clarity, may attempt to kill you to release themselves from a bondage you did not initiate. To halt progress any further, one must be made unrecognizable and change your Craft Name.
7 Legendary People write songs about you and tell tale of your exploits. If they meet you, they think you look just like you, but won't know you're actually you unless you tell them. You have regained some aspect of freedom as a sentient fetish. Choose a new Craft Name. Any worshippers you are now a greater threat, and in greater numbers. You should wear a disguise still. Attempts at scarring or shapeslipping will only work the new visual into your songs. You now have to progress to open options.
8 Mythic People who haven't met you think you're just a story, and won't believe you're you without proof. You are free again, to a degree, as long as you do not tell anyone who you are who does not already know. If they worship you, they will disbelieve you to the degree that you will be seen as a false prophet. Discard your Phantasm. Roll to discover how the public sees you in your myths--this is your Second Phantasm. Add the D00 to your pool. If you roll anything but a 00, act as you wish. If you botch (00), you must roleplay the Phantasm of your Myth.
9 Numinous You have become a numen. Roleplay your Second Phantasm--this is your personality now. Your highest circuit gig is now a circuit-10 Mystique, and you its embodiment. Roll a D00 before you attempt anything. If you roll a 00, you may choose your own actions for a turn as your old self. Otherwise, roleplay your Second Phantasm. Choose a new craft name, your old self is no longer your true self. Only those who know your First Name have any power over you. The Party at this point should be planning to bind you and remove your power; you have likely ceased to be a useful ally. Be prepared, however--killing a god has ramifications in the world. The knowers of your friend may become a dangerous cult.
10 Divine You are now a God, worshipped in a religion spreading across the globe. Discard all blights and phantasms. Your Tragic Flaw is now your all-encompassing nature, which is manifest in the Mystique you embody. If you wielded Lightning as a Myth, became Lightning as a Numen, you are now The God of Lightning and Lightning metaphorically represents your greatest insecurity as it manifests in all life. You now roll the D00 exclusively. Any attempts that are not botches (rolling 00) are successes, and a botch is merely an extra moment passing before your will can be attempted again. In order to sustain your level of power, those who love you must sacrifice other things to display their love, the most sustaining being their own lives. The lives of non-believers are a good substitute, as they lower the net amount of doubt in you, making each believer's life more sustaining. Therefore, the ultimate act is self-sacrifice that simultaneously kills non-believers. Non-divine Players should destroy a Character before they achieve this status, or push them into a new body with a new name.

Awe circuits past 6 arrive at Legendary status. Here, people may or may not recognize you, or think you look just like the person you are. At circuit-8, Mythic, if you tell someone you are who you are, they won't believe you unless perhaps you pull off a flawless feat in front of them (which would make you Numinous), or someone Legendary vouches for you. Still, it's like telling someone you're Santa Claus. You can pull presents out of a bag and show off your reindeer but ultimately the witnesses will still have their doubts once you left. In that way, Mythic is similar to Invisible. Circuit-9 and 10 and are undesirable results, to say the least.


With the Awe Threshold in play, all 1s is an awestrike. You not only achieve your feat flawlessly, but with panache, and in such a way that it appeared easy for you. This accrues a circuit of awe, passively, to either you or an object on your person. Characters who once hated you may harbor a secret, begrudging attraction now. Warriors who didn't realize you were in their army now remember your name without first getting it wrong several times. Strangers react differently to you--perhaps because you are walking a little taller and smiling a little easier. Remember, when you succeed, you too are a witness.

At circuit-6 or above, a Character has gravitas and Characters who've never heard of them have to roll courage to speak to them without being spoken to. At 7, you are a legend, you strike fear into people who hear your name. At 8, a Character is a myth and has songs and stories written about them by people they've never met. Anyone who does meet you will know you are someone, even if they can't place which someone it is, but will not believe you are you if you tell them. Other legends are the only Characters who will be able to treat you as an equal.

After circuit-5 awe, a Player must draw a blight card for each new circuit acquired. It is rare for something to present both a social challenge and a physical challenge, necessitating 5 dice. If a Player is fighting off blight from becoming a god, however, this requires a roll of the entire Threshold Pool (all 7 dice), including the phantasm (moral alignment) die. If threshold is below their aspects, they retain their humanity, for now. If over, they become a god based on their Second Phantasm. If there is an awestrike, they become a god based on the concept of their choosing--but still, no longer their own wishes.

Character examples
1 Daily Planet mail clerk Who?
2 Clark Kent Actively humble
3 Bibbo Bibowski Innocent
4 Jimmy Olsen Naive
5 Perry White Tempted
6 Lois Lane Impressive to not be Corrupted
7 Lex Luthor Most likely Corrupted
8 Superman Godlike to remain humble
9 Darkseid Corrupt god
10 Parallax God of Blight

Awe & fetishes

Awe can attach itself not only to a Character, but to items such as weapons, implements, even articles of clothing or tattoos. The more direct contact with the action, the more likely to be the focus of the dot--however, while personal awe is under some control, the Director decides what objects on your person transition circuits in awe. while a player automatically accrues awe from an action done well, it is at the Director's discretion what object involved absorbs Awe, and Kori has a sense of humor. If an ordinary object accrues circuit-5 awe or above, it becomes a fetish and develops a gnostic quality of its own, usually related to the activities and personalities of the Character or Characters who've wielded it. What it does is up to the Director. Fetishes of lower level also benefit from continued accrual. At circuit-7 awe and above, an item is considered a legendary implement. The Character wielding it at the moment of its ascension rolls to see which phantasm the implement will have, and is granted the honor of giving the item its craft name, because it is now semi-alive. If the wielder takes too long to name it, the first NPC who sees it will recognize it by a name as if from the ether (i.e. the Director) while you debate "Stinger" and "Excelsior." If it goes beyond this, it may stop liking you or require consistent use to not leave your presence. When revealed or unsheathed henceforth, the item will be recognized by name by anyone who sees it, even if you've never said the name out loud. It can also have preference for wielders and refuse to respond or be lifted by anyone else.


At circuit-6 awe, a second passive stat opens up, called gravitas. Gravitas affects how powerful you appear to others regardless of actual circuits. Someone with Gravitas does not need to ask someone to move out of the way; the room parts instinctively before it can decide what to do. At circuit-2, any non-legendary characters will have to roll Lucidity to even speak to you. Except, of course, for your friends, who remember you're an IT guy. You gain one circuit of gravitas upon each progressive circuit in awe after 6, but if the Director thinks you do particularly well in a feat involving intimidation, he may decide to circuit you up in gravitas, as well. With regards to objects that accrue awe, this means the object's power curls off it like smoke to anyone in the room. At circuit-3 and above, all eyes draw to it; people across the room jump when it is revealed; when it is in a bag or suitcase, everyone wants to know what is in it and can think of little else. Beyond circuit-3 in gravitas is not well known, most normal beings faint or bow in such a presence.

Upon reaching Circuit-6 Awe, roll your D10, and if you succeed, add a circuit in Gravitas.

1 Gravitas When you speak, people listen. Characters have to roll lucidity to interrupt.
2 Presence When you speak, crowds hush. Characters must roll to see if they can speak to you at all.
3 Numinance When you enter a room, people sense something in your direction. No one without gravitas can look you in the eye. Single sentences from you can drive someone mad, so speak sparingly.
4 Divinity Characters must roll Lucidity in order to survive your voice