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Ash, Cinderborne

Ashur, born Ash, Cinderborne, also known Ashur Firebrand, the White Knight, and Ashur Shadowbringer, was one of the last survivors of the Fyrie clan of Eveners, and Lightbringer in the Hellion tentacle of the Empire of Hel's ranks. After breaking his conditioning and escaping Helios, he became known as Shadowbringer, one of the primary apostates of Hel.

Early Life

Ash is one of the last of the Fyrie tribe, a nomadic group of dragon-worshippers eradicated at the hands of the Hellions. After being captured by the Hellions and indoctrinated by Inquisatrix Amon herself, he rose to the rank of Lightbringer of the Hellions, where the few survivors of his wrath dubbed him The White Knight due to his spotless mirror armor.


At age 7, after several bad dreams and strange, sudden pronouncements, it was deemed Ash could be Kindling, or having visions. This would have made him a future Torchbearer, the Fyrie clan's shaman. But his prognostications rarely made sense and mostly had to do with another, magicless world filled with odd constructions and beings he had trouble finding words to describe. Ash's parents, Cinder and Burn decided to have him diagnosed by one of the last Dreamenders, though he resided dangerously close to the Dayside.

Fyrie Genocide

The Dreamender informed them that Ash was not kindling but psychically picking up on a dreamhex, a form of mystique Craftreading. Before they could do anything about it, the Hellions arrived. Led by Amon, the Fyries were interrogated. Without any concept of hierarchy, property, or dominance, all of their answers confused and offended Amon so deeply that she massacred them with prejudice. Noting a spark of rage in Ash's eyes, she spared the children and took them into captivity to be re-educated or enslaved.
Ashur Shadowbringer

Apprenticeship Under Amon

Amon, seeing something of herself in Ashur, made it her personal mission to break and condition the boy into Hellion service. Slowly but surely, she broke his will and convinced him of Hel's supremacy, taught him in The Ratios, including the forbidden texts and apocrypha. As the final coups, she brought him into the secret knight cult she herself was a part of: the Lightbringer Knights. There he had a secret revealed to him that fully converted him to a zealot of King Hel and his armies.

The White Knight

The White Knight
As a Lightbringer, Ash's pristine white, silver, and golden armor that reflected back his victims' faces earned him the nickname of White Knight. At the moniker's mention, whole townships evacuated. He slaughtered without question for years, until one day, when other knights say he had a breakdown, killed several fellow officers, and wandered into the forest. It is only Amon's Thew of Resurrection that allowed her to survive. From then she declared him a fugitive, Ashur Shadowbringer, and issued a warrant for his capture.