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Imperatrix Amon Ur is the highest ranking Imperator and leader of the Lightbringers, an elite border patrol, raiding, and banking tentacle of the Empire of Hel, and the only female soldier in all of Hel's Legions. She is the most decorated and oldest living Hellion officer.

Early Life

Not much is known of Amon's life before being conscripted into the Empire's rank as a child. Her species is indeterminate, but likely elfin, possibly Highbreed. In any case, it would appear extinct apart from Amon herself. What is known is that only days after being abducted by the Hellions, she became a fervent zealot in the Helena religion, going so far as to change her features--she at least docked her ears--to match the Uryan ideal.[1]

Tentacle Embrace

Despite a feminine birth, Amon resisted all attempts to cast her as a widow or maid. She instead insisted on being a soldier in the legions. When placed anywhere else, she would escape, leaving entire units dead in her wake, and sneak amongst the legions to fight. After the War of Seven Hours, her seventh victory over enemy forces and resistance fighters where she returned with the Seven Brothers (a set of mythic jewelry), it was taken as a sign by the Priesthood to grant her the requested post.

Gender Sacrifice

As part of her initiation into the ranks of the military, in order to not sully the station with her female curse, Amon underwent several drastic surgeries to convert her into a "Man in the Sight of Hel." This included a form of circumcision (the removal of her clitoral hood), a baptism-by-brand, and a full hysterectomy. The process, called Gender Sacrifice, intended to make her emotions and sexuality "masculine in nature and thought," and to remove the innate concept of Creation as her own private domain, and not the sun god Hel's exclusively. The idea of female domain over Life is the Original Lie with which all women are born, according to Helena's primary prophet, Helianthas. Her hair is cut short and shaven on the right side instead of the left (a male soldier's cut), and any clothing, jewelry, or makeup must be armor, kill trophies, and warpaint.

Centaurion and Promotion to Imperative

At the Battle of Knoch, Amon was mortally wounded after diving to stop a bullet striking an image of the Harem Invisible. Three days after her death and entombment, she climbed from her Imperial kurgan alive and uninjured. Resurrection is one of a set of choromantic abilities called the Thews of Ur legendarily found only in pureblood Aurora Aureans. Her miraculous acquisition of the power was interpreted as a boon granted for absolute faith, signifying her as a Sublimate. For this, she was offered a promotion to Centaurion, but once again at a cost: she had to also undergo a full mastectomy. At first, she accepted, allegedly breaking into the Corona Room to look upon the face of Queen Dawn, though this rumor is not substantiated. Depending on accounts, after either witnessing the true face of Hel in the Corona Room or a period of silent reflection, she accepted the promotion and underwent the surgery.

As Centaurion, she was granted full Hellion Citizenship including both standard and premium chimaestral upgrades, and over a period of ageless decades rose through the ranks, eventually promoted to Inquisatrix, which placed her ironically back with the Hellions along the border and in the , this time as their general. It is there that she massacred countless tribes Eveners who wandered too close to the ever-expanding Aurean territory, eventually wiping out a tribe known as the Fyries, and taking into the fold the child who would be Ashur Shadowbringer.

Lightbringer Knights

As Ashur grew up at her side and she brought him up with the Ratios, Amon meanwhile amassed a fortune in gold and holy fetishes, growing her small corner of the Hellions into an elite crusading unit and through their financial acumen, became a military bank of the Spire and the Tower Guards. Her unit grew in size, technological power, and influence, until she began initiating them into their own subcult within the Empire, called the Lightbringers. The Lightbringer Bank quickly became one of the most independent and powerful factions in Hel and is on its way to moving to a new, separate capital. The speed of this rise caught the attention of all the wrong eyes, however, and the Church and Military began plotting the Lightbringers' demise.

Ashur Apprenticeship

Perhaps shedding light on some of Amon's background before her induction into the Empire, Amon saw something of herself in young Ashur, who resisted all attempts to break or mold him into what the Empire wanted of the common capture. She took personal responsibility for his training and by the end of his adolescence, he not only was fully indoctrinated but likewise a zealot on par only with herself. His ferocity in the field as a Lightbringer was unrivaled and took on legendary status. His armor, spotless and shining like a mirror, gave him the title of The White Knight, and the mere mention of his approach evacuated entire kingdoms.


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